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We are a team of Millionaires, Six-Figure Income Earners and successful Executive Directors
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paid and promoted. We call it Phase 1. Get started right and get started now!

                  This Just in...Just Announced!!!                              
Congratulations to two of our very own Legal Eagle Team Leaders, Millionaire Club Members
and  Platinum Executive Directors Mr. Carmelo Flores & Mr. Russell Peden. Because they have 
collectively recruited over 500 recruits into our business, our Founder and Chairman of the Board
Mr. Harland C. Stonecipher  will be featuring them on the NEXT AIRING of the "PPL Special" on 
the Fox Business Channel.  Again, Congratulations to them.  Stay tuned for more details...


                      Click HERE to see Camelo's story                                   Click HERE to see Russell and Carole's story

Our Company Featured on National Television - Fox Business Network


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New Associates Welcome - Getting Started Right

  Simply follow the 4 steps below:  

STEP 1: Download and print the Phase 1 document

Contact your sponsor or upline support team
                       and schedule your Game Plan            

Schedule your Private Business Reception (PBR)
                       so we can get you PAID and PROMOTED within the
                       next 72 hours.                

STEP 4:Schedule to attend your Fast Start class
                     or "Live Event"  right away.